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The Wonder of our Adoption: Transformission

Thanks so much Dave Bish for putting on Tranformission on Saturday.  We had a blast.

There is no other message that liberates - only the gospel of the Beloved Son.  May this gospel speed forth and bring life throughout the land...

Main Session 1 - Mike Reeves
Main Session 2 - Mike Reeves
Peter Mead workshop: Adoption and the Bible
Dan Hames workshop: Adoption and church history
Glen Scrivener workshop: Adoption and Evangelism (slides and notes here)

Mike's main sessions were powerful, pastoral, mind-expanding and heart-warming as ever.

I'm very much looking forward to listening to the other workshops. Apparently I get a Gold Star for the audio quality of my sessions.  Success!  No doubt in other departments I have only a frowny face and a Must Try Harder.


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