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Some more tweets

He cleanses lepers, drives out demons, blasts the lofty, lifts the lowly, shoulders shame, conquers death and rules the world #EnjoyYourDay

Even now my Witness & Advocate is on high, my Intercessor is my friend... He pleads with God as a man pleads 4 his friend. #EnjoyYourDay

By nature God is the Hypothesis. By grace God becomes Empirical Evidence. IOW: The Word became flesh. IOW: Jesus reveals God.

There's a Battle-Scarred God who's gone to hell & back 4 u. He meets u in Scripture to bring Peace and Awe (Jn 20:24-31) #EnjoyYourDay

God is not FatherLY. He's Father. He's not Like a Father. He. Is. Your. Father. #EnjoyYourDay

Some verses on NT interpretation of OT:  "David was a prophet... Seeing what was ahead he spoke of the resurrection of Christ." Acts 2...

...Paul's words "I am saying nothing beyond what Moses and the Prophets said would happen, that Christ would suffer and rise." Acts 26

..."About the Son, the Psalmist says [Psalm 45]" Hebrews 1

... "They had the gospel preached to them just as we have" Hebrews 4

... "Moses regarded disgrace for the sake of Christ as of greater value than the treasures of Egypt" Hebrews 11

... "The prophets, full of the Spirit, searched eagerly to find the time and circumstances of Christ's suffering and glory." 1 Peter 1

...  "The spiritual Rock that accompanied them (and against whom they rebelled) was Christ" 1 Cor 10

Emporer Julian: "It is the Christians' philanthropy towards strangers, the care they take of the graves of the dead...

...& the affected sanctity with which they conduct their lives that have done most to spread their atheism." See? Atheists do a lot of good!

Jesus is not the Kappa and the Omega, the Middle and the End. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End.

A new phrase for you: "Pop goes the Jesus" - That moment when the preacher of an OT text springs Christ on an unsuspecting congregation.

Taste the coming kingdom: A land of wheat, barley, vines, figtrees, pomegranates, oliveoil& honey. U will lack nothing. Deut 8 #EnjoyYourDay

Why is  so extraordinary? Many blogs try to speak Truth (I give it a go). Emma is Very rare. She speaks Honesty.

'Sola fide' is the true crucifixion of the self. Rod Rosenbladt

Whatever your weakness today, it's God's opportunity to work powerfully. 2 Cor 12:9 #EnjoyYourDay

It's NOT that NOW Jesus is the BEST revelation, it's that ALWAYS Jesus has been the ONLY revelation. #solusChristus #John1 #Colossians1

'Being Trinitarian' is not really the goal. 'Confessing Christ faithfully' is the goal. But you Must be Trinitarian to do that.

"Put your faith in Jesus" says the preacher. A lot. What anthropology is being assumed here? And what understanding of 'faith'?

The 2 homiletical issues certain to cause a ruckus: length & the vexed Q of 'notes or no notes'. We Really need a theology of proclamation!

Evidence: You, me and Beethoven's 9th. Hypothesis: Undirected energy acting on matter over time. Never forget how bonkers #atheism is.

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1 thought on “Some more tweets

  1. Si Hollett

    Speaking of twitter, have you had a giggle at the humanist booklet you downloaded on Thursday yet?

    I'm not sure it's that funny - like Rev they take themselves too seriously (well they are the centre of the universe...) and they are too boring for the outlandish hypocrisy of dogmatically saying that they aren't dogmatic in the middle of a ton of dogmas to be funny.

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