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Matthew 3 Sermon – Our Champion Jesus

We celebrate the victory of our Champions, though we haven't expended a calorie of effort ourselves.  They represent us - clothing themselves in our colours (and we in theirs).  Because of our connection, their victory is our victory.

Just so, Jesus takes on our condition, clothes Himself in our humanity.  And His victory is our victory.

Knowing Christ as Champion is the chief article and foundation of the gospel...

Martin Luther: “The chief article and foundation of the gospel is that before you take Christ as an example, you accept and recognize him as a gift, as a present that God has given you and that is your own. This means that when you see or hear of Christ doing or suffering something, you do not doubt that Christ himself, with his deeds and suffering, belongs to you. On this you may depend as surely as if you had done it yourself; indeed as if you were Christ himself. See, this is what it means to have a proper grasp of the gospel.”

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1 thought on “Matthew 3 Sermon – Our Champion Jesus

  1. Si Hollett

    Another Olympic-related metaphor: Queen Vicky responded to be elbowed by graciously getting herself relegated and allowing the perpetrator to claim the gold. She already had gold medals, her friends lots of gold medals and the meddlesome colony where her rival came from had little, so she let her enemy partake in the victory of her and her friends ;)

    Aussies have champions-plural now. Beating the Kiwis in terms of golds, even. Glen, you don't need to Philistine-like steal our David's and claim Jess, Mo, etc as your champion any more :P


    Joking aside, I find this the most effective not-from-the-Bible way of explaining "Jesus has done it for us". Thanks for reminding me of it while it's 'hot' and 'fresh'.

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