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Enjoying Don Fortner…

I stumbled across Don Fortner when I was preparing for my Isaiah talks.  I downloaded 20 random Isaiah sermons from  19 of them ranged from the fairly helpful to the downright depressing.  Don Fortner's was pure glory from the very beginning.

I've only heard a handful of sermons from him since then but already I'm struck by certain things in evidence:

He PREACHES.  He actually believes in heralding the gospel, and does so with the tone and passion to match.

He preaches CHRIST.  He actually believes that the whole Bible is understood only when it's received as a proclamation of Christ.

He preaches Christ to the COMFORT OF SINNERS.  He's very much a faith alone, grace alone guy.

Other things might irk you about his preaching, but if you get that from a preacher, you're doing pretty well in this day and age!

Here's a few I've heard already, looking forward to more on the iPod...

Discovering Christ in Isaiah

The Message of Holy Scripture

Ten Words of Comfort for God's People (Exodus 3)

Christ is the End of the Law


6 thoughts on “Enjoying Don Fortner…

  1. Ray

    If you enjoy Fortner, try picking a couple from Darvin Pruitt on Birds of the same feather. Agreed, both are astounding.

  2. John B

    Fortner's preaching is certainly enjoyable. But, the doctrine of eternal justification seems to be foundational to his teaching. It doesn't "irk", but, neither can I get on board with him on this.

  3. Glen

    Thanks for the tip Ray, and welcome to the blog :)

    I agree John. I've heard that he teaches this too but I'm loving his Jesus-focus!

  4. Si Hollett

    His digs at Arminianism started off as irksome, but once I realised that he was using this as an intro to something comforting, I looked forward to hearing the phrase.

    Good stuff!

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