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No-one can hang their faith on a conditional. Preachers must *actually* offer Christ.

In their rush to defend the 'reality' of hell (which is right), some end up speaking of the 'necessity' of hell (which is unwise).

The movie hero who says "I shouldnt even be here" is deeply messianic. Like David coming to a battle that wasnt his to fight.#thankyouJesus

Peter's evangelism = the opposite of ours. It ended with *God* making Jesus Lord, not the hearers. #Acts2

Also, "what must *I* do?" was the hearer's response not the preacher's goal! #Acts2

Jesus did not say "You really ought to be my witnesses." You *will* be my witnesses - Acts 1:8

God's grace is not his "sweet side"! It's His blood-earnest, irreversible decision to knit His being to ours in Christ.

Suffering well is the indispensible prerequisite for witnessing well.#1Peter

There aren't so much 'proof texts' for evangelism because evangelism is not so much a duty as a life.

Evangelism flows out of the shape of God's life, the shape of God's people, the shape of God's word.

Paul warned Ephesian elders "savage wolves will come in among u". What do u imagine? I imagine *legalists*! Col 2; 1 Tim 4; ALL OF GALATIANS

Jesus is your standing with God.

Living by grace aint about lifting piety above practicality. Its about lifting Christ's piety And practicality above mine!

"I CAN'T BELIEVE HE CHOSE THIS! DOES HE EVEN KNOW ME? I'D RATHER D.. Oh, it's actually quite nice."#everyepisodeofdonttellthebride

Avoiding legalism is legalism. Only Jesus saves.

Jesus aint the Bait, He's the Bread. The Father aint the Hook, He's the Baker.

The new birth is a theological reality not an evangelistic programme.

The new birth is a status not a step. And it's as out of our reach as being forgiven, justified, raised, adopted, chosen, etc.

Aim for "new birth" and you get neither new birth nor Jesus. Aim for Jesus and you get both.

"Decision" is not the entrance to a new life. Decision *is* the old life. "Chosen" is both the entrance and the essence of the new life.

Christian life is not 'decision' + 'discipleship'. If u've begun w decision yr discipleship wont be His life lived, only your life pietized

Resolve says "I refuse to be a sinner, Lord prevent me." Repentance says "Surely I was sinful from birth, Lord have mercy."

Ever heard teaching on pride that sounds just like that line from the worship song, "It's not about MEEEEEEEEEEE"?

Look at modern evangelistic methods & "successes" and you'll say what Luther said of Rome's system in 1510: "who knows whether it is so!"

Num 13&14: we ought 2 spy out our inheritance guaranteed by Joshua's firstfruits. Instead, Num 15:39, we spy out the lusts of our hearts & eyes

"Sin separates us from God" - so says every evangelistic presentation I've ever seen. Isn't it the reverse? Our separation leads to sin!

Global evangelicalism is characterised by "our choice 4 God"- Diarmaid McCulloch. Theologically that's backwards. Practically he's spot on.

Christ is in the OT in Person, through Prophesies and by Pictures. The 1st is the foundation of the other two.

'If you feel far from God, guess who moved?' Jesus did. Right into God's presence. And He carried you with Him.

Do you feel more free as a Christian than you did as a non-Christian? If not, maybe you're living under law. Gal 5:1

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