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Some Introductory Bible Studies in John

I'm leading a seminar track at Bible by the Beach called "Just Looking."  It's a very basic introduction to Jesus over three hour-long sessions.

Here's what I've come up with:

In John’s Gospel we’ll look at three prominent sceptics who become believers.  Each of them have an encounter with Christ that changes them.

In Chapter 3 there’s a very religious man called Nicodemus.

In Chapter 4 there’s a very immoral woman from Samaria.

In Chapter 20 there’s a doubter on the fringes of the disciples called Thomas.

None of them ‘get it’ to begin with.  And in meeting Jesus all of them are confronted in a way that shocks and destabilises them. Each of them are first offended by Jesus and then comforted by Him. But they’re all offended at different points because they’re all very different people. Nicodemus is very good. The woman of Samaria is very bad. Thomas is meant to be a Christ-follower, but he’s full of doubts.

We’re going to start with Doubting Thomas whose starring role is actually at the end of the Gospel.  Then we’ll do Nicodemus and finally the woman.  So essentially we’ll see...

Jesus Meets a Doubter on the Fringes

Jesus Meets a Good Person

Jesus Meets a Bad Person

Download a Word Document of the the three studies here.

2 thoughts on “Some Introductory Bible Studies in John

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  2. fruitofhisdeath

    Jesus Christ questioned THOMAS' confession of faith as wholly insufficient; endorsed NICODEMUS' faith as timely and genuine; and fully met the spiritual needs of "the very bad woman" of Samaria by filling her cup to overflowing.

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