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Mission Sermon – Philippians 2:5-18

When Jesus came, stooped, served, suffered, was shamed, bled and died - that was not a departure from His divine glory.  He wasn’t taking a holiday from being God.  That was the expression of His glory. The cross is the most God-life thing imaginable.  Because God’s life is a life of outgoing, outpouring, sacrificial, life-giving love.

Think of the cross.  Bring to mind that bloodied corpse with His arms outstretched to the world:  This is what is looks like to be God.  What is the highest heights of Godness, the deepest depths of deity?  Look to the Cross.  Look to the God who pours Himself out. His own life-blood is flowing from His veins.  And He does it for you.

The real God bleeds for His enemies.  The real God gives His life even to death.  The real God loves us more than His own life.  And when Jesus dies on the cross THEREFORE, God the Father exalts Him and says “THAT!!!  Look at the crucified One.  That's what it means to be God."


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1 thought on “Mission Sermon – Philippians 2:5-18

  1. fruitofhisdeath

    Christ's death on the cross was the perfect means of Isolating the exceeding power of his divine nature, a.k.a., "life-giving Spirit", from his human nature, which he referred to as of "no use at all".

    (John 6: 62-64; 12: 32-33)

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