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Does God exist? How does He fit with Science?

Here's my first talk from Ask Eastbourne.


I ripped off stuff from Vaughan Roberts, Lee McMunn, Mike Reeves,  CS Lewis and probably others too!



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8 thoughts on “Does God exist? How does He fit with Science?

  1. timothy parker

    That exposition here doesn't need (need, in italics) to get any better than that. Near genius level of clarity and enthusiasm. Some quotations /and/or attributions would further authenicate...but i could not see the full powerpoint in pic. I hope you don't have to work too hard to reach this standard, but you probably do.

  2. Mr. Mark

    I like and agree with most of it. I think it could be improved a little bit as follows:

    1. Regarding: "Science doesn’t giye us Maths, it doesn’t giye us Logic, it doesn’t giye us Philosophy. It doesn’t giye us linguistics and history and art and literature." - Not entirely true if we consider the origin of thought. In other words, is the soul directly involved in human thought? We don't know that right now, but I suspect the answer will turn out to be, "No." At this point, people freak out over a perceived loss of free will, but they are making a mistake. Even if the universe is entirely deterministic, it is a universe created by God and God knows beforehand how everything in it will turn out. If it is a schoastic universe, it is a universe created by God, and God knows how everything in it, even that which proceeds from randomness, will turn out. So there is no need for a direct, supernatural involvement in thought and the subjective aspects of human cognition for there to be God.

    2. There is no reason to belief in Christ. Either you do or don't. I can think of no logic to provide a person that directs them to God. If there were a path by reason, then God and God's identity would me matters of fact rather than faith. My understanding is that we can only come to God by faith - there is no other way. Even when Jesus performed miracles, there were those who did not believe him. It is by faith alone.

    I very much like your analogy of the cake, though I would caution that we don't know what physicists will find out about the Big Bang. They may find out that it never happened. They may find out that there was a "before" that preceded the Big Bang. They may find additional reasons to consider the existence of alternate universes. What is important for Christians to understand is that no matter what science discovers, science still describes only the cake and cannot see what lies beyond it. God is not bound by the constraints that are part of our world - no matter how vast or complex our world may turn out to be.

  3. timothy parker

    there is no divorce between faith and reason, they are both involved, in different ways, in both scientific and theological thought. The distinction between fact and faith is illusory and is based on a misunderstanding. and also, fortunately God in Christ did bind himself to the'constraints' of this world by identifying himself with it. Thank goodness he did, or otherwise we would have no real knowledge of him. Based on this world and not an illusory or mythological way of thinking this world and its behaviour is crucial to both ways of seeing. Hence the resurrectiona and the evidence of the empty tomb birth..etc, are the basic empriical correlates of our faith and without that our faith would be empty.

  4. Glen

    Hi Timothy - some wonderful Torrantian thoughts there (is that the adjective?)

    Mr Mark - I agree with Timothy that there is no divorce between faith and reason - they are both grounded in Christ. He is the Revelation of God come down. Therefore you are right to say that we don't reason our way up to God, but in receiving the facts of revelation we are brought into a true (and irreducibly factual) knowledge of God.

  5. timothy parker

    And moreover, it is to be stressed (?), that the faith or reason excercised in the knowledge of God is quite something beyond any capacity of ourselves, in as much as knowledge of God or the faith we have in him, is, at its source , the wonderful sharing in the knowledge which the Son has of the Father, with us, ie a sharing in the love/reason which the Son has for us....all in the Spirit. That is to say we are , incredibly, by no capacity within ourselves, brought into his ' inner circle', as it where, where, safe in the knowledge of undying, everlasting love he has for us, we know (italics) ourselves to be not desperately searching...for identity, belonging ie love, but found, remembered and cherished as his children. And all without the capacity to turn this into a boast.

  6. The Orange Mailman

    Glen, I just got the chance to share your analogy of Christ entering our reality to my family of all people. What a blessing this video is. I pray it will make a difference as to how they view Christ.

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