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Answering Some Big Questions

I went into Eastbourne College yesterday to answer questions the students had been asking as part of Ask Eastbourne.

Their top three questions were:

How do we know you exist?

How come you allow so much suffering?

What about other religions, are they all wrong?

I tried to answer those briefly and then took questions from the floor.  Students were very keen to stay and chat afterwards.  Great chats and 8 people took John's Gospels at the end to read further.  Please pray for them.

Audio (36 mins)



2 thoughts on “Answering Some Big Questions

  1. ropitt

    Thanks for this Glen. What an opportunity! Your gospel was wonderfully warm. Love 3-2-1. Thought you handled the q and a particularly well too, which have seen you say on here before you have sometimes struggled with, so be encouraged. Thanks!

  2. Glen

    Thanks Rich, it was striking having about a dozen students race to the front afterwards to ask me questions.

    And stay tuned for 3-2-1 *the video*!!

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