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Updates from Wycliffe as well as Biblical Missiology

This article has been updated after correspondence with Biblical Missiology.

This controversy seems to have a lot of history.  There are concrete grievances - past translations that are clearly objectionable.

Wycliffe have released this statement affirming that they are "not omitting or removing the familial terms". Biblical Missiology dispute that, (part of the issue is: what kind of familial language is being used?  Only 'social' familial?)

Additionally (and this is what muddies the waters) Biblical Missiology and others seem to have more general concerns which go back some time.  This makes it difficult for newcomers to the discussion to either support or question their critique.

BM have their own press release here as well as other articles on the controversy.

2 thoughts on “Updates from Wycliffe as well as Biblical Missiology

  1. Salaam Corniche

    Thanks Glen for the post. For a newcomer to the controversy might I suggest that you direct your readers to two items? The first is a letter from the Pakistani Presbyterian Church as it responds to what it calls "convenient translation."
    The second is a very insightful blog called the Shepherd's Heart
    This post is from a non-linguist, non-missionary, but he sees some of the issues rather clearly.
    Blessings in your life and work

  2. Augustus McTavish

    How about some suggestions of sources to read that attempt to look objectively at both sides? Or even some _on_ both sides? There seem to be people with a passion for Jesus, and with His heart for the lost, on both sides of the debate. I'm thinking of how certain teachings divided believers for generations, and then their descendants understood that strident division between His followers is not what Jesus prayed for. Can we learn anything from two thousand years of church history? Some of what I'm seeing borders on some of Christ's disciples persecuting others of His disciples. That can get pretty ugly. Perhaps it is time to draw back and listen to one another's hearts?

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