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Great intro to the Trinity

Dan Hames has written a lovely little intro to the Trinity at his new blog High Over All.  Check out one of his concluding paragraphs:

Our God is for us.  He puts his eternal life on show for us in history and in our relationship with him.  He doesn’t hide his ‘real’ self, and show us a different version.  It’s not as though the Trinity has a public face which is shown in the Bible and looks all gracious and self-sacrificing, while when they get home from work at 5.30, there’s a ‘real’ Trinity that is finally unleashed: lording it over each other, self-serving, and obsessed with power and glory and the worship of all lowly creatures.  The only revelation of God we have been given is this Trinity-in-action, other-centred, full of overflowing love and delight in one another, in us, in creation.  This is a lovely and lovable God that we know through Christ.

Read the whole thing... 

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