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New Blog: High Over All

Dan Hames has a new blog.  Subscribe now and stay tuned for gospel goodness like this:

Jesus is the Father’s one and only Son, the one for whom the world was made, the one on whom the Father’s love has delighted to rest from all eternity.  The Son is so much the focus of the Father’s love and attention that, even in loving you and I, the Father chooses to love us as we are in Jesus.  Nobody who has ever lived has experienced such an outpouring of divine love; the Son is the most beloved person in the entire universe.

Yet, wonderfully, since we find ourselves united to Christ, the Father loves us in him.  We share in the Son’s unique position as the only Beloved, the Father’s joy, and the Heir of all things.  We are blessed beyond measure in him, and it is all because of his generosity and grace in coming out in love  to rescue us.  Jesus took flesh, lived, died, rose, and ascended as one of us that we might become like him in the affections of the Father.  And so to us now as well, the Son is the Beloved.  The glory and kindness of Jesus stir our hearts, and cause us to love and adore him as our Saviour and Lord.

3 thoughts on “New Blog: High Over All

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  2. Preschool yorba linda

    Such a nice post glen...You capture hearts by the first line "Jesus is the Father’s one and only Son".its really true all the meaning is in the first line.Father love his son so much that we are being loved automatically because we are in Jesus.such a divine sentence you used.

    God Bless

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