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Anti Santy Ranty: The Video

It's very rushed. I'd only just written it when we filmed, so didn't memorize it.  We shot it in haste and had big trouble with the sound.  We'll try to do a proper version for next year.  But... you get the idea.  Share it around if you like:


0 thoughts on “Anti Santy Ranty: The Video

  1. Tom

    Nice. Sound is a challenge. Were you using a Canon DSL to record it? I might have some ideas for the future for you.

  2. Glen

    thanks Birdbrain and dlk50. Glad you like it. Don't know about talent, but energy definitely flagging. Bring on Christmas.

    Tom - yes sound indeed was a challenge. I wanted to re-do the whole thing to be honest, but no time.

    We re-recorded the audio in a studio (but still there's a big problem around 40 secs - don't know what that's about!) Love to hear your ideas...

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  4. Chris Flint

    Hi Nick, when you make the second edition, please can you add subtitles? Then I can share it with my friends for whom English is a second language (some of the rhymes might pass them by otherwise). Thanks :) Chris

  5. Glen

    Good idea Chris, tho if you want to really confuse your friends, tell them to turn on the "CC" (closed captions) button on the bottom right of the video. Bizarre!

  6. Tom

    If possible you need to wear a wired lapel mic, which either would go through a small-preamplifier (some can even take an xlr mic input). Or you need to use a shogun mic with one built in, like the Rode Pro Camera mic. If you cant get the mic closer then you are limiting the audio severely. But using an external mic is the answer. Sometimes the camera just isn't capable of recording the audio at the quality needed- they have automatic gain control settings which often create hiss on non-professional cameras. So the choice is between a more serious camera, adding camera hacking software (like Magic Lantern for some Canon DSLRs), or a dedicated audio recording device. What was the specific problem that you had?

  7. Glen

    Hi Tom,
    We had a wired lapel mic but something went wrong with the receiver. Andy did a good job with the overdub but something went wrong with the levels at around 40 seconds. Dunno what. Oh well. From writing it to uploading it we did it in about 24 hours. Our motto was "That'll do!" We'll do a better version for next year :)

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  9. Colette

    Thanks for this Glen - I think it explains the Christmas message so powerfully / insightfully / engagingly. Happy Christmas :)

  10. Richard Hudson

    Very good indeed. Please could you post a copy of the words somewhere so we can downlaod them?

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