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New Kids Song for Christmas (and a few older ones)

Hot off the press - NEW KIDS SONG (though it's not really for kids ;-)


And, previously on Christ the Truth...

A song about the OT's wait for Christmas...


This one's meant to be sung as a round...


And here's my favourite of all my little ditties...

0 thoughts on “New Kids Song for Christmas (and a few older ones)

  1. Si Hollett

    The tune of your new song seems familiar, almost like you 'borrowed' it from somewhere. :)

    Excellent subvertion of the theology of power in the original, showing the theology of the manger.

  2. Paul Blackham

    Wow, I've just finished listening to the first one and it was great. What a glorious doctrine of God! It's so refreshing to remember that the power of the Living God is so utterly different than human power and the power of the human gods and human religions. We can all too easily understand a god who is greater than anything we can imagine... but what about the real LORD Jesus who is so wonderful and glorious that He can be a baby and die, coming to serve rather than be served.

    "In being neighbour to man, in order to deal with him and act towards him as such, He does not need to fear for His Godhead. On the contrary... God shows Himself to be the great and true God in the fact that He can and will let His grace bear this cost, that He is capable and willing and ready for this condescension, this act of extravagance, this far journey.

    What marks out God above all false gods is that they are not capable and ready for this. In their otherworldliness and supernaturalness and otherness etc. the gods are a reflection of the human pride which will not unbend, which will not stoop to that which is beneath it. God is not proud. In His high majesty He is humble." [Barth, CD IV/1 page 159 [1988 edition]].

    Glory! Barth says it longer, but Glen sings it better.

  3. Paul Blackham

    Thanks Glen. Me and my boys were sitting in my study singing away [in the round as well], enjoying these wonderful Christmas songs. Glory to Jesus!

  4. childcare yorba linda

    Just a wonderful Christmas songs for our dear Jesus.Its a really nice gift for the kids in our preschool thank you so much glen for sharing joy like this with us.I am sure the little ones are really happy.

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