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Outgoing 6 – What kind of gospel?

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Outgoing – Session 6 – 13 October 2011


RECAP:  Our God is more wonderful than we can imagine!


Therefore, what is sin?  Discuss


“The Fall” is living apart from the Life-Giving God


The Head takes creation with Him


Is this unfair?


Romans 5:12-21


It’s about our being not our doing. 


We are bad trees producing bad fruit

Good fruit will not make us good trees

We must be made good trees to bear good fruit.


We are not neutral – we are a sinner in Adam.


Example:  Hebrews 7:1-10

Levi was in Abraham

We are in Adam

Therefore it’s DONE – it’s not down to us

We are carried in the body of our Head

We share the Head’s destiny!

How should we communicate the truth that we’re sinners?

John 16:5-15

God is Giver.

Sin is not receiving.


Luke 15 – Two Ways to Reject the Life-Giving Lord

Jesus is surrounded by sinners and slaves.

Sinners opt out of the system and go for freedom

Slaves opt into the system and go for respect

Slaves hate that Jesus welcomes sinners and eats with them


Therefore Jesus tells a story about a man welcoming a sinner and eating with him – while the slave grumbles.

Who is the slave?

Who is the sinner?

Who is the man (who welcomes the sinner and eats with him)?


The turning point....

... the pig-sty?

... the father’s arms!



What is sin?

What is repentance?

Who is Saviour?

How should we present the gospel?


Common Objection: “Sounds like I’m born sick and commanded to be well. How is that fair?”

Recommended Reading: Romans 1-4

What saves us / What does not save us?

Next Week: Buried

Those cut off from the life of God try to seek life in all the wrong places.  Yet all our goodness and all our will-power only mires us deeper!


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  1. Preschool yorba linda

    Nice post...Just love the starting of the post actually its a universal truth that "Our God is more wonderful than we can imagine!" He is just beyond of all our understandings.His love is just a unconditional for us.each word of this post has a spiritual power.thank you so so much for sharing this nice post with us.

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