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Outgoing 4A – The Triune God


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Outgoing – Session 4 – 29 September 2011

The Triune God

 What was there in the beginning?



The Trinity – Tri-unity – Three Persons united in love.


Galatians 3:26-4:7

God the Son became God our Brother.

He came to make the perfect offering.

He brings us into His Sonship.

We are clothed in Christ,

Filled with the Spirit,

Doted on by the Father.

The trinity is not a maths problem!

It’s the good news that God is love...

... and we are invited!

Compare and contrast with the solitary, lonely god.


0 thoughts on “Outgoing 4A – The Triune God

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  2. Dave K

    Finally got round to listening to this. I am loving the series. I like the way that you are mixing the systematics and the exegesis. Also really liked how you demonstrated how you see God as Trinity, and us brought into his life, through thinking about Jesus (not speculation). Also thought your explanation of the relationship between God's love and God's wrath in answer to the question right at the end was the one of the best I've ever heard.


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