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Outgoing 2A – Which God?

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OUTGOING – Handout Session 2 – 15 Sept 2011

Which God?

Group Discussion: With whom could you spend more fruitful time in evangelism – a theist or an atheist?

Colossians 1:15-23

When you picture God, what do you think of?

When you picture Jesus, what do you think of?

When God pictures you, what does He think of?


If God isn’t like Jesus Christ, He ought to be
Lord Byron

God is Christlike and in Him is no unChristlikeness at all
Archbishop Michael Ramsey


God is not obvious – He is the unknown quantity.

Jesus is the Image of the invisible God


We must all begin again with Jesus.  Therefore...

The question for theists: Which God do you believe in?


The question for atheists: Which God don’t you believe in?


God is Jesus-Shaped

Jesus is God-Sized


0 thoughts on “Outgoing 2A – Which God?

  1. Minister yorba linda

    Really a great words...And you just explains it wonderfully.Its a question on which every single person can think who really believe in God that how and when we create a picture of God in our minds what really we thinks about Him.He is really a unknown quantity about whom how many times we thinks we are unable to create a perfect picture.He is just a beyond all of this...

    Love and Blessings

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