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Good audio links

Here are all 12 of Mike Reeves' "Great Theologians" - from the 2nd century to the 19th.

Lots of great sermons from Mockingbird - Anglican-y, Lutheran-y, pastorally sensitive, engaging with culture, what's not to like.

Stunning sermon (text) by Jason Goroncy on Matthew 15.

Jeremiah 39 and Jude 1 (now updated) by Rich Owen.

2 Corinthians 4 by Dev Menon.

And don't forget Paul Blackham's Jesus talks here.

6 thoughts on “Good audio links

  1. Glen

    It was very much a word in season for me, thank you. And I've only just realised it's 5 years old. Google Reader must have known I needed it today!

  2. John B

    OMG! Both "Anglican-y" and "Lutheran-y" at the same time, in the same church! Large Lutheran denominations have been formed, fleeing Europe, over just this kind of unionism!

    "Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!" ~Dr. Peter Venkman

  3. Dave K

    Interesting that you have discovered the Mockingbird lot. I've a lot of time for them, and have listened to a lot from there recently. Very fresh to my ears.

    All in all though I'm not sure that I would like to live there, although it is a great place to visit. I think they're a bit Bible-lite and really variable in quality. But I do like the 4 things about them you do mention!

    If you like the Lutherany/Anglicany mix you may also like:
    Although I think the talks suffer from the same weaknesses of Mockingbird crew they also have many of the same strengths.

  4. Glen

    Yes Dave, you re-put me onto them. I had stumbled across all their AA stuff a while back and found it very refreshing. But then, as you say, found it Bible-lite and lost interest a bit. it's much needed gospel seasoning, but not perhaps a staple diet. If you're Christ in all of Scripture-y then (hopefully) you get the other stuff thrown in, too. If you're Bread-lite then the other stuff will get a little thin. Thanks for the Rooted links, I'll check them out. :)

  5. christian church yorba linda

    Thank you so much glen for sharing such a wonderful links with us..I ll surely go through really done the Gods work through your posts..May God give you all the strength and power and bless you always..

    Lots of Love,

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