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0 thoughts on “New Blackham Sermon: Psalm 1

  1. Kirstin

    Hmm... currently trying to write my first ever sermon and Psalm 1 in 5 minutes seems a tall order. I'm feeling comforted that it took Paul Blackham 50 minutes. I wish I had more time; I think some listeners might find 'the Righteous One is Jesus' a hard one to accept without fuller explanation. Any suggestions for dealing with super-short time limits?

  2. Glen

    I do Psalms 1 and 2 in much shorter time here:

    "The man" (a significant title), "trees", "meditating on the law" and the parallel with the Christ of Psalm 2 all make you think that "The Man" is a King. Also "the man" is contrasted to many wicked. It's gotta be Jesus.

    Or else the point of it is "Read your bible more and maybe you'll escape the judgement" ;-)

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