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0 thoughts on “Do you like sermon recommendations?

  1. Kip' Chelashaw


    anything to recommend for Romans 9-11 - I'm preaching through that in a few weeks and preparing for it has been mighty hard.


    Kip' Chelashaw

  2. Leon

    Hey Kip... haven't you still got notes from Cornhill?
    Anyway, my first port of call with Romans is always the Romansfest series from the All Souls, Langham Place website.

  3. Glen

    Hi Kip - ditto Leon's suggestion. Though last time I checked the AS website, you couldn't access the older sermons. Maybe they've changed that.

    I have found Cranfield's commentary (shorter one will do) helpful - on those chapters too.

  4. Leon

    Sources tell me they're back online due to popular demand. If not, I have the transcripts for them if you want them.

  5. Rich

    Yup the Romansfest sermons are back up now. You have to have an account and log in to access them tho.

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