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The King’s English – Isaiah

Isaiah makes a hefty contribution to our language - I make it 18 phrases:

7 thoughts on “The King’s English – Isaiah

  1. Glen

    Good one. 19 it is.

    I basically scoured the bible on Boxing Day to come up with the 365 - now as I'm travelling through the year more keep cropping up that I'll have to skip.

  2. Josh VB

    How much more keep popping up?

    Another 365?

    I gather lots of new words were invented for the KJV (and predecessors), I know you've included some, are there many you haven't included simply because they're now too common?

    Anyway, hope you're learning lots through the project and loving Christ more!

  3. Glen

    Hey Josh,

    Not too many keep popping up. I think I could stretch to 400 all told. That's more than David Crystal who wrote Begat - he's a professor of linguistics and probably the greatest authority on the English Language alive. He came up with only 265-odd.

    But once you add allusions like "forbidden fruit" or just the explanation of famous names (like Abraham) or scenarios (like Giant Killing), and once you're not too fussed about which translation came up with it - 365 is easily attainable.

    I haven't come across too many specially created words - atonement, scapegoat, peacemaker etc - which were all Tyndale or Wycliffe. But not too many of those.

    When I get on top of it - it's a joy. When it gets on top of me I wonder why it sounded like such a good idea on December 26th!

    Hi Dave,

    Books are so last century! But maybe a pdf / kindle / mobi file? Or maybe I enquire with a publisher like "Christian Focus" to do a devotional. Wouldn't hurt I suppose...

  4. Tim V-B

    Hi Glen,
    A book would be awesome! You could do 4 books, one for each 3 months (or similar) which might make each copy more portable.


  5. Dave K

    I think it would make a great devotional book. Even if you cut down to your favourite 100 phrases.

    Just pass on that you had an internet video go viral and the publishers will be crawling all over you. And if they don't you could always do a lulu self-publish like Dave Bish.

    I'd buy a load of copies for gifts. It would sort your Christmas presents for a year too!

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