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A greedy god makes for greedy evangelism

If God is power hungry and out to get certain things in the world, his followers will do likewise.  They will try to gain converts.

If our evangelism is driven by the need to "gain converts" it's a sure sign that we're serving a greedy god.

But if our God is a Fountain of sending love (as Donald Bloesch once put it) then mission will have nothing to do with "gaining" anything.  Instead we will be offering Christ.


0 thoughts on “A greedy god makes for greedy evangelism

  1. Dave K

    Made me think of Kelly Kapic in God So Loved He Gave:

    "God takes everything back by giving everything away... God reclaims ownership by paying an exorbitant price for what was already his." (p.70)

    He shows how "belonging" to God, has lots of different facets and is in fact good news ("sense of belonging", "my people"). We deny we are owned by God, but with other masters we are enslaved. God buys us back, even though we are already his by rights, so that we can belong to him again.

    The devil takes ownership by force in order to exploit, God gives ownership so he can continue to give. Two different models of leaders as well.

    I know you're saying something different, but just thought I'd share that!

  2. Glen

    Sounds like Hosea!

    And Christ goes knocking on brothel doors - not to steal a bride, but to give the most exhorbitant price for her - who already belongs to Him.

    Not so much gaining converts, giving Himself.

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