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A friend of mine just said "Your video's gone viral!"

Actually, I think it's "gone Man Flu".  A "Man Flu video" is not exactly viral - its owner just makes a fuss and tells everyone about it.  ;-)

My mate Millers and I were once discussing the relative worth of investing in people versus investing in media resources.  I'll give him the last word on the matter:

"Videos don't go viral.  People go viral."

0 thoughts on “Viral?

  1. John B

    IF not yet viral, it's more than a flu! I'd say it's along the lines of the "good infection" that C.S. Lewis wrote about.

    Congratulations on the success of this truly enjoyable video!

  2. MisterDavid

    Well, I've found my way to your blog having been forwarded your video on Facebook (from a Kiwi friend in Australia - I'm in Cornwall) so maybe this flu is catching after all. I've passed it on ...

  3. Dave K

    If you need proof that its gone viral, I met up with a friend today. He doesn't read blogs, and he's not even on facebook, but he'd seen this video of a guy reading a poem of KJV phrases on another local church's website (

    He'd emailed it to a non-Christian man who he'd recently had a discussion about the KJV with.

    ... "that'll be Glen Scrivener's video" I exclaimed! "He said it had gone viral"

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