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Three Ds for Preachers

When I preach I want to be:




Declarative:  Preachers don't share thoughts or give advice.  They herald something that's happened.  That must be the over-riding influence on a preacher's tone because it's the over-riding burden of the preacher - the telling of news. 

Doctrinal:  I don't mean preachers should work their way through systematic theologies.  I mean that preachers must herald the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I'm not interested in a regurgitated commentary or a reading comprehension excercise.  Don't preach the passage - preach Christ from the passage.

Devotional:  What is meant to come by hearing?  Faith.  That's the aim of the preacher - loving, dependent trust in Jesus Christ.  The preacher, using the Scriptures provided, paints Jesus in such colours that hearers - wracked as they are by sins and suffering - might have confidence in Him, and even love Him.

And if you can do all that without forcing it into 3 alliterative points, so much the better!

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