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God Our Brother – by Mike Milmine

-- Based on the early chapters of Hebrews...

God our Brother, with us He sides;
Sanctifier one with sanctified
Assuming Flesh, His life to give;
That we in Him, His life may live
True God from God, true Man for men;
He sang His children's glad "Amen"
Bone of His Bones, Flesh of His Flesh;
The LORD Himself our Righteousness!
Our Great High Priest, Apostle true;
The Great I AM, is human too
Always to stand, for us to bring;
His sweet, eternal Offering
Though in myself is nothing pure;
Yet on His heart my name endures
Bone of His Bones, Flesh of His Flesh;
Christ is my Life, my Righteousness!

2 thoughts on “God Our Brother – by Mike Milmine

  1. Pedro

    Good work Millers - love it! Creative minimalism says more than an essay or wordy paragraph.
    Looking forward to more pithy poetry in due course...

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