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Miserable comforters and impatience with patients

I wrote about about Job's miserable comforters today and I was reminded about Emma's excellent post on impatience with patients.

When we ask "How are you?" we want the answer "Better now, I applied your miracle cure and everything's fixed."  But if there's long-term illness, we find it very difficult to handle because we don't have the Innocent Sufferer at the heart of our thinking and we naturally believe a 'gospel' of works.

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  1. Josh VB

    Hi Glen,

    could you help highlight something for us? Some of our friends go to a church in Beijing called ShouWang which are having problems with the police right now, with potentially more problems coming this Sunday. There's more information here:

    We've just been on the phone to a friend there and she's obviously quite upset about what's going on there. She's also talked to some of the leaders within the church, and they're wanting the wider church to know what's going on so that we can pray for them.

    Thanks very much!

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