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I am worried…

I fear that the King's English won't be half as Christ-focused when I hit the New Testament.

I'm not very good at all that Jesus in the New Testament stuff.  I'll have to learn!

Anyway - David and Goliath is up at the moment.  If you haven't heard me bang on about that before, go and read...

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  1. Rich Owen

    Yeh, it's well tricky.

    This is how I think you should do it:

    Have a progression from first advent to second, starting in the gospels and slowly unfolding towards Revelation. Ensure your teaching makes lots of really interesting points about God's people in God's plan in 1st century Palestine, apply a few interpretive tools to those weird miracles and narrative pieces and hey presto, you've got the Return of The King. You'd need to be careful not to ascribe any conscious eschatological Messianic faith to the NT writers - after all, none of them confess to being Trinitarians, or give any developed notion of New Creation worship. If we just believe in those promises about no tears and no pain, then perhaps our faith in these things will be deemed to be faith in the Resurrected Christ.

  2. Derek

    Hi Glen,

    I've been a lurker on your blog now for about 2 months, so I thought I'd finally show my face here.

    Question: How did you end up seeing Christ in the OT so clearly in this way? I have been quite astonished at how you get to Jesus in the OT and 'The King's English' has been great. Your insights into Psalms and Proverbs on this blog have been very helpful to me. I think most people - including myself have a much harder time seeing Jesus in the OT, and would like to get there. How did you do it?

  3. Glen

    Hi Derek,
    Nice to meet you. I have a whole series of posts that might help here:

    Begin with "Introduction" and see what you make of it. I'm happy to interact on old posts if anything strikes you.

    The tipping point for me was probably listening to this sermon by Paul Blackham:

    Paul has been a great help in showing me Christ in all of Scripture. I still remember a bible study he led where we looked at Genesis 15 and the Word of the LORD taking Abraham outside for some star-gazing. I can still feel the goosebumps, realizing Christ really is the One Mediator and Object of faith. He really is that vast!

    Anyway have a read and/or a listen and let me know what you think.


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