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Pearls of great price

There are thousands of great blogs out there which I haven't come across, but for my money Dave Kirkman's 48 Files is the second best blog in human history.  (Ok maybe third - it goes, A New Name, daylight, then The 48 Files.  But third is still pretty good.)

Just check out these from the last week alone...

How to consider faithful followers of another religion? A brilliant analogy

Why university years are so fruitful for the gospel. (No, not because there's a magic receptivity-window of four years in the life of the middle class!)

What is faith? Faith is receiving the gift.  NOT a condition for receiving the gift.

The outgoingness of God's glory.  Father to Son to church and out.

And many, many more...

0 thoughts on “Pearls of great price

  1. Dave K

    That's very embarrassing.

    You and Dave Bish deserve all the credit for the analogy about followers of other religions. It was not long after your post on the jealous God and Dave is constantly reminding me that marriage is central to understanding our relationship with Jesus.

    In fact you and Dave Bish lie behind more of my life/blogging/thinking than you can know.

    Mutual back-slapping over.

    Thank you.

  2. John B

    "the 48 files" is a favorite blog for me, too! I learned about it here on CTT. Despite the disclaimer on Dave's blog, I always find him to be polished, educated, and inspired! Blogs like these are a daily encouragement!

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