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Dave Bish: The Necessity of Atheism?

Absolutely bang smack spot on from Dave Bish:

The question isn’t so much is there evidence for God, but do we like him?

Words to live by.  See the whole short article.

0 thoughts on “Dave Bish: The Necessity of Atheism?

  1. theoldadam

    "Bang smack spot on" is exactly what I was thinking.

    He nails it!

    "Our God is Father, he has sent his Son to reveal himself, and when we ask of him he gives us his Holy Spirit to live within us (Luke 11:13). Far from being a powerful God who comes to oppress and subject us, he comes in weakness, in person, in love. He came to win our hearts, to give himself to us, to bring us into his life."

    What more is there to say?

    Thanks, Glen!

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