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0 thoughts on “How Great A Salvation

  1. woldeyesus

    Relative to the far greater salvation there is in the "new covenant" (Matt. 13:16-17), Manasseh's sins fade in comparison to the proud obstacles raised by Christians against the knowledge of God!

  2. Simulator

    We were on a car journey and fellowship with Jesus along the way through this sermon! Steph said, "Why have I never heard people preaching on Mannaseh's conversion before? This is what Old Testament preaching should be like all the time! Very heart-warming!" As for myself, it renewed my assurance in Jesus and His love for me... and it's one of the very few sermons that made me laugh out loud not because of a joke but because of joy in meeting Jesus. Thanks Rich!

  3. woldeyesus

    Hi Rich,

    Without taking into full account the shift in paradigm (Matt. 13: 16-17), fiercely opposed by Christian theology, the sermon actually overlooks the "Great Salvation" defined in what is personally knowlable of Jesus Christ in his death on the cross according to the terms and seal of the "new covenant" (Jer. 31: 31-34; Matt. 26: 26-29, 64; ff)!

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