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Book By Book – Free DVD

Paul Blackham writes the studies, Richard Bewes hosts them and special guests include KP Yohannan, Don Carson, George Verwer, Rico Tice.

It's meaty, it's heart-felt, it's Christ-focused.  It's Matthew Henry for a television age.

I can give no bigger recommendation than this:  my mother's bible study group have done every single one of them back to back.  They get to the end of one study, shop around for another pre-produced study then go straight back to book by book for more!  Once you've had steak, why settle for a cheese sandwich?

Do you run a home group bible study?  Do you have responsibility for home groups, adult education classes, etc? Check out Book by Book.

You can watch sample episodes on the site - e.g. Exodus with Joseph Steinberg.  Highly recommended.

And you can get a free sampler DVD here.

US readers can purchase here.

0 thoughts on “Book By Book – Free DVD

  1. Rich Owen


    We just had all our small groups doing the James studies following the Sunday preach, and it's been great to hear the feedback. Exciting studies, depth of insight, fantastic questions and I think we are already seeing the fruit in peoples lives. Praise Jesus!

    I'm also using the Daniel studies in a one to one with a guy and we are both loving it.

    It's amazing how flexible it is.

    You must use this resource!


  2. Simulator

    We've just started using them for our home groups, with each group choosing which book they want to study from the lot. There's been a buzz after the first couple of studies and please pray along that the aim of BBB would be met - 'the joy of meeting Jesus in all the Scriptures'.

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