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God is not triune – the Devil’s great lie. Part 2

This is the second of a three part article by Rich Owen,
minister at City Evangelical Church, Leeds.


Since their arrival, what has humanity only ever experienced from God? Love! Generous, outward focused, other centred, creative love

Their great commission – “from your oneness you must create, love, cherish send out more and look after it, look after all this garden. Do you best for it so that all of the life you give and the love you have is like mine for you. You are my image. Just don’t eat from that tree over there, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.”

And so Satan makes his move on Eve and Adam. Not Adam and Eve, Eve and Adam. This is part of Satan’s plan to corrupt the image, to pervert the world’s view of God away from how He really is.

Jesus says that He does His Father’s will. Not the other way round. The Father wills, the Son does.  The Father speaks out his Word. The Word is from the Father’s side. Not the other way round. In other words, the Father is the head of the Son.

And so Satan’s plan to corrupt the image begins. He is so crafty, so skilled at this. There are so many layers of evil to this terrible moment in history. Can he get the image of the Son to command the image of the Father? Can he trick Eve into being the head of Adam?

The insipid corruption of God’s image and witness is looming. Headship and order were being threatened. But it’s not happened yet. This isn’t the seat of corruption, just a fruit which comes later.

Here is the seat of corruption. Eve sees that this fruit is *desirable* for gaining wisdom. There is a *desire* which rises in her which is not for Adam and not for the Lord God. The desire was to gain wisdom for herself.

A new love, a new desire had entered. It was a perverted love… an inverted love. It went against the flow. It was not outward but inward. It was unnatural and ungodly. The corruption began. Satan was achieving what he set out to do. He sparked in Eve an new love, a wicked invader.

The image was now self loving, self obsessed and so she threw off her role, gave the fruit to Adam and he too acceded. An ungodly love lead to an ungodly action. The corruption was complete.

Eve, and her husband after her, set their desires and affections onto something which was entirely outside this created order and image. Sin had entered and ravaged the great image and witness to the loving, creating and ordered community of Three Divine Persons.

As soon as their love went in instead of out, they felt shame. They hid from the Word of Lord.

Just meditate on the shattering moment. They hid from the Word of the Lord.

The world now had a witness which was self loving, not other loving, a witness which has no concern for order and headship – in other words, an independent monadic witness. The world now had a witness which went solitary and which removed itself from The Divine Life. Satan introduced unitarianism to the world.

And the consequences flowed.

Adam *blamed* Eve. Prior to this Adam only ever *knew* Eve. He loved, nurtured, served, lead and rejoiced in Eve knowing her intimately through sexual union. But now he blamed her. He *accused* her.  He now bore the image of an accuser, not of the Living God.  Adam on his own looked like Satan now.

This is the great crime of the fall. A massive corruption of the Doctrine of God. A Satanic collapse.

So do we see what it is that Satan does?

He leads people to loves and desires which are inward in focus.  He wants to draw your affections away from the Triune God and to self satisfaction, self gratification. Self love. He wants you to think of yourself as an island – solitary and your own source of order.

Why? Because he hates God.

Satan wants to corrupt your view of God. That is all. Once he does that, he has you. You are now his child, you bear his image, you live his life.

More tomorrow...

1 thought on “God is not triune – the Devil’s great lie. Part 2

  1. Donald W Eames

    As Dr.William Craig says, and I paraphrase: Since God created all things, He necessarily exists beyond or apart from that which comes into being from and through Him. Furthermore, since time, space, matter and energy are all part of the created order we can thereby deduce that in His transcendent state of existence He must be, timeless, beginning less, immaterial, and without spatial location.
    Jud 1:25 NASB to the only God our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion and power, before all time, and now, and for evermore. Amen
    This clearly describes God in eternity and now. It would also be reasonable to believe that had He not willed to create, there would obviously be no space time universe nor any of His own temporal manifestations such as JHWH and the man Christ Jesus (JHWH incarnate).
    Emergences of God:
    God emerged:
    From eternity as the Logos
    From Heaven as JHWH
    From the womb of Mary
    From the grave
    The passage of scripture I want to address is Rev 3:14 NASB “To the angel of the church in Laodicea write: The Amen, the faithful and true Witness, the Beginning of the creation of God….”
    I looked up nearly 50 Bible Trinitarian Bible commentators, and none were able to explain what is meant by “the Beginning of the creation of God”. I found one similar passage in
    Col 1:15 NASB He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation.
    Now we know that God in His timeless mode of existence in eternity was immaterial or invisible, but in verse 15 we discover that the pre-incarnate Lord Jesus Christ was the first to emerge from eternity and created all things as the firstborn; Greek, prototokos. We also learn from verse 15 that when He came forth from eternity He took upon Himself a visible image. (This conforms to what Paul said in Philippian 2:6 who, although He existed in the form of God, did not regard equality with God a thing to be grasped…
    This scripture reveals a oneness mindset. In other words, it only makes sense from a Oneness doctrinal position; and since the Trinity doctrine teaches that Father, Son, and Holy Spirit coexisted from eternity as one God in three persons it disqualifies itself from being the Beginning of the creation of God

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