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Good Girl, Party Girl, Tough Girl

Really great post from Emma, drawing on a model of Dan Allender's - femininity goes awry in three directions:

good girl,
party girl,
tough girl.

After describing the types, Emma offers a way forwards:



Redemption, however, is not sweeping aside every aspect of our good/partying/tough personalities but making us more of our true selves not less.  The good girl who wanted to be “sweet” and “nice” is now a true blessing because she has the courage to be strong as well as kind.  The party girl who was “wild” now knows the fulfilment of her drives in Christ’s love as her passion for life includes and infects others.  The tough girl who closed down and drove forwards has a new softness as she recognizes that her dependence is part of what makes her a genuine leader.

Can you see these ‘types’ in yourself?  What would the redemption of those patterns look like?

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