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Three Thoughts on Money from Doug Wilson

Just three little tidbits that struck me from this sermon.

1) Romans is a fundraising letter!

If our fundraising letters don't look like Romans (and they don't) it's a sign that we don't think about money or the gospel the way Paul does.


2) Galatians 6:6-9 is about giving

Check the context - v5 and v10 are clearly about contributing to the needs of others.  Therefore financial giving is a way of sowing to the Spirit.  It's investing in Spirit-life (i.e. word-life; gospel-growth) and not flesh-life (i.e. this-world life; gratifying-my-selfish-cravings life).


3) Philippians 4 - the joy of gospel partnership through giving.

Financial giving is 'partnering' (v14 - an important word in Philippians -  1:5; 2:1; 3:10) in gospel ministry.  To partner with Paul in this way is even more for the congregation's sake than for his. (v17)


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