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8 thoughts on “Now THAT’S how to motivate evangelism!

  1. Jack Carsons

    Glen, please tell me this is a Joke? Prizes for the most salvations hmmmm oh dear!!

  2. Jack Carsons

    umm, theres a fine line between between making worship, evangelism fun and losing the point lol x cheers Glen this clip did put a smile on my face :)

  3. Si

    one of the youtube comments is

    "Isnt that so terrible !!! $1250 worth of prizes !!!

    and 594 SOULS SAVED lets just criticize them for that !"

    nearly 600 souls saved, huh? is that actually saved or rather people who came and made an altar call and mostly won't bother with church again until next year, when the same friend asks them to come and they get counted in the stats again.

  4. Ed Eubanks

    On the one hand, I do appreciate the zeal for the lost that would motivate a church's leadership (however misguided) to put a motivational scheme in place.

    I agree with you, though, Glen, that this is a poor way to motivate, however.

    What horrifies me as much (if not more) is that this commercialist (and slightly ridiculous) display took place in the middle of their worship service. (No, I'm sure no one was distracted from the worship of God by the gameshow-style giving away of $250 gift certificates— least of all the men getting them and their wives…)

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