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0 thoughts on “Want fresh joy?

  1. John Ljungberg

    kind of unrelated (understatement), but isn't it funny the way adjectives sound what they are: 'smooth' and 'disgusting' sound smooth and disgusting respectively :)

    since this seems to be the rule; does anyone know an adjective that sound the opposite?

    I know I may be digressing from the actual subject here...!

  2. John Ljungberg

    Well, at least not unambiguously so! :)

    This "'fresh joy form the LORD" brings to mind David and Psalm 51, asking the LORD for a renewed Spirit.
    I always thought of that as asking to be refreshed...
    And for being a king David is pretty meek in Ps 51!

  3. Glen

    Peter Leithart recently blogged about words carrying an "affective tonality". Words, as patterned sounds, are like a melody - a 'singing of the world'.

    It's very difficult to find words that don't convey 'musically' what they mean. Having said that, "perspicuous" doesn't sound like what it means if you ask me. Too many hard and plosive sounds to convey plainness.

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