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Classic Crabb

In 30 mins he covers the last ten years of his teaching: 'the narrow not broad road', 'the seven questions of spiritual theology', 'the Ecclesiastes-Job-Song of Songs cycle' and 'poets not chess players.'  (ht Jack Sturgeon)

For more on the seven questions of spiritual theology (which is basically an affective, trinitarian pastoral theology), download these two video talks:

Talk 1

Talk 2

You won't find them anywhere else on the web I don't think.  So download them now before it's taken down.


Classic Packer

The bible is God preaching


Classic Frost

Affective, anti-intellectualist, trinitarian theology and an endorsement of Rick McKinley (click here for his sermons)


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  1. pgjackson

    You might not be surprised to know that I particularly enjoyed this line:

    "Any version of education that is not done as an act of worship only expresses the closing of the human heart—the pathway to nothingness."

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