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Worshipping the flesh God

Here is a Muslim street preacher defending an act of terror.  Don't bother listening to his tirade.  But at 6:40 tune in. Then you can hear the voice of a Christian woman passing by.  She says about Jesus: 'there is no other Lord... He is the Lord of all of you.'

The preacher responds: "Everyone ignore the flesh worshippers...  Let her go worship her flesh God."


ht TheOldAdam

Christmas celebrates the Word becoming flesh.  The humanity of God.  God the Son becomes God our Brother.

Muslims insist on a transcendence to Allah that insures his inhumanity.  (Who can fail to see a link between the inhumanity of the god and the inhumanity of those acts done in his name!).  The very notion of the Creator becoming flesh is, for Muslims, blasphemy.  For us it is cause for worship.

In my sermon on John 1:14 this morning I tried a kind of response to this thinking:

The Muslim says that God is so transcendent He cannot become flesh.  The bible says the very opposite.  In the bible, the Creator Word of God is so transcendently, immensely, divinely, passionately loving that nothing would stop Him becoming flesh.

You see, if a king remains on the throne and never climbs down.  That’s one kind of greatness, I suppose.  But there’s another kind of greatness.  It’s the greatness of the King who climbs down, who humbles Himself, who condescends, who joins His people, and then who descends even further – to take the clothing of a slave, to serve His people, to suffer and fight and bleed and die for them.  That’s another kind of greatness entirely.  That is the transcendence of the Word who became flesh.

Just think of an adult who speaks to a toddler while towering over them.  And now think of one who stoops down to their level.  Or think of a homeless man lying drunk in the gutter.  One man gives advice from on high.  Another lies down in the gutter with him, speaking to him face to face.

We are in the gutter.  And Jesus joins us.  On our level.

As our carol said earlier:

Sacred Infant, all divine,

What a tender love was Thine,

Thus to come from highest bliss

Down to such a world as this!

Never has One so Mighty become so Meek.  That is the transcendence of the Almighty Word.  A transcendence that leads to incarnation.  Because His glory - the glory of the Only Begotten from the Father - is a glory of grace and truth.  And the incarnation is the very expression of this glory.


Full sermon audio here.


0 thoughts on “Worshipping the flesh God

  1. Heather

    This reminds me of Hebrews 4:15 (a favorite) that speaks of our High Priest that was tempted in every way that we are and yet was without sin.

    He KNOWS what it is like to be human and He cares! How mind-blowing is that?

    Looking forward to hearing the sermon.

  2. Pedro

    Come and dine, folks - this sermon offers plenty of food for thought to ensure you don't go hungry this Christmas. Just make sure you take time to digest it (ok it's a lifetime's 'digestion' really but well worth taking time over over the Christmas period).
    Some of the imagery and ideas really hit home to me in a way that I don't often get reached. C.S. Lewes' canine thought-experiment was probably my favourite...

  3. Heather

    Finally got a listen.

    You're right, Pedro. Definitely thought-provoking message.

    Just yesterday morning I was tormenting my husband with my recent thoughts about God "tabernacling" with men. I won't unload here, but the sermon fits well.

    Isn't God's becoming flesh precisely what enabled Him to become sin for us?

  4. Gav


    I just started a new job. One of my new workmates is muslim (being country, this doesnt happen often....actually I've never met a muslim). I will be working with him and I imagine sooner or later we will strike up a convo on theology. Can you point me in the right direction to prepare....I mean where can I go to find out what he would likely believe?

  5. Bobby Grow


    I worked with Muslims for over two years in an evangelistic capacity; if you have any questions I would be happy to try and answer them. Also I'm trying to find a title to a really good little book that breaksdown all the world religions. It's very intro, but would be great for what you're looking for. Give me a chance, and I'll find that for you.

  6. Gav

    Thanks Bobby

    I'll check out the link later. But in the mean time I need to pm you. I'll do it soon. God bless and love from Aus.

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