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Watch out for the Bible Bloggers


"38 Jesus said "Watch out for the Bible Bloggers.  They love to parade their stats and gain comments from their adoring readers, 39 to be linked on all the best sites and highly ranked on Technorati. 40 They devour the weak and vulnerable and, for a show, make lengthy posts.  Such men will be punished most severely." 

(Mark 12:38-40, Glen's Literal (and self-condemning) Translation)


0 thoughts on “Watch out for the Bible Bloggers

  1. Paul Huxley

    A few years ago this would have really hit home. Now I'm too lazy to do much actual blogging and prefer to write snide comments on other people's blogs.

  2. Glen

    Charles - Elijah may have been the 'troubler' I'll content myself with being 'That meddler of Israel' :)

    Paul - I've *never* noticed you being even slightly snide. If it weren't for commenters like you I think I'd have given up already. When I see the nonsense that some blogs descend into - I think I'm very blessed with the commenters here. So thank you.

    Rich - ditto you! And yes, to translate slightly - a 'gospel somebody' just shows what a contradiction in terms our subculture's subterranean aspirations are.

    Birdbrain - I pray for the day you'll change your codename to something more fitting! :)

    Orange - yeah, those guys over there sure have a problem. Glad I'm not one of them them guys. ;-)

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