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You’re in good company

Just so my regular readers know, you're vastly outnumbered on this blog by image searchers (so wordpress tells me).

The most popular searches  are 'kebab', 'waterfall', 'puffer fish', 'fat cat' and 'ned flanders'...

kebab waterfall fat cat puffer fish flanders


...which, I think you'll agree, represents with eloquent simplicity the profound and far-reaching concerns of Christ the Truth..

0 thoughts on “You’re in good company

  1. Matt

    Mr Darcy and blood splatter seem to be my top image searches. I don't quite know what that says about my blog or about people searching!

  2. Glen

    Very telling both of you. Anyone else want to share their search favourites?

    And Missy, if you like that fat cat, check out page one of Google images 'fat cat's - hilarious!

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