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10 reasons blogging might be ok after all

In the last 48 hours the following has happened in my blogging world

  1. I've been part of a fascinating discussion on a cutting-edge topic in contemporary theology.  And little old me got to sit at the table along with PhD specialists and theological educators in the field.  Great fun.
  2. I've been able to help someone via email as they make their journey into Christian faith.
  3. I've been able to share ministry resources with people that first appeared on the blog.
  4. I've read wonderfully heartwarming things and been gobsmacked by extremely insightful comments.
  5. People I know have been able to contact me by searching me online.
  6. People I don't know but who share common interests have come across me and we've corresponded.
  7. Discussions about seemingly disparate topics on different blogs have converged around common themes, giving added insight.
  8. Via email I've learnt about another blogger's background and Christian story - very encouraging.
  9. Commenters have helpfully pointed out where my tone has been unhelpful and obscuring.
  10. Maybe best of all, when a comment crossed the line there was repentance and reconciliation (as opposed to nastiness and retaliation).  More of that please.



0 thoughts on “10 reasons blogging might be ok after all

  1. Gav

    Reckon its worth it then.......

    btw: 10. was great....but it made me re read that comment from Rich (Eccl 9:10a)....gut busting laughter! :D

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