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Preaching resources

Jason Goroncy lists many resources helpful for the evangelical preacher.

Of his list he says:

I have here, on the main, deliberately chosen to not list books that attend primarily to issues of homiletical method (there are a plethora of excellent studies available on this) but rather to draw attention to those in which the evangelical content of preaching is the main concern. This decision was made because it is here at this point that the church faces its greatest crisis. We have loads of ‘excellent speakers’ and ‘gifted communicators’ who have absolutely nothing to say that’s worth hearing, let alone the Word of God.

Kind of what I was saying with: We don't need better preachers, we need to preach a better gospel.


0 thoughts on “Preaching resources

  1. theoldadam

    "We don’t need better preachers, we need to preach a better gospel."


    Use the law to convict and condemn... and then hand Christ over...with NO strings attached.

    It's not rocket science, but it's rare when it happens.

  2. Dave K

    Its a good looking list as well. Not one book looks boring... I want to read them all! I've only got 3 down so far. But then I'm not a preacher so thankfully they're not essential for me. I can live without reading them all.

    He and theoldadam makes an excellent point.

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