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Better trinity diagrams

Richard's done some better trinity diagrams here.  They pick out the economic action much better than a neat triangle.

Though independently done, they're pretty similar to a diagram I use in a trinity powerpoint presentation.  Here's the final slide:



By the way - if anyone's downloaded my Men's Breakfast talk on the Trinity and prayer and you still have the audio file, could you email it to me, I seem to have lost it. 



0 thoughts on “Better trinity diagrams

  1. Lukas

    Hey Glen,
    I was wondering if you could direct me towards the proper emphasis of Hebrews 1:1.. I am having a real hard time because I know Christ spoke to the Prophets in times past, and also prophets (or preachers) speak to the fathers (or at least me) in these last days... I might be reading too much into this one, but I just don't understand...

  2. Glen

    Hi Lukas,

    Yes good point - Christ spoke to prophets of old and prophets speak to Christians of today.

    But here's something that didn't happen - Christ didn't address the people in general in the OT. The Word of the LORD came to the prophet and the prophet then spoke to the people. The new thing about the New Testament is that Jesus comes as His own prophet - there are no go-betweens, Jesus addresses the people Himself.

    So really there have only ever been 3 years in human history when the Son has spoken directly to the world at large. This ushered in 'these last days'. But until that point and ever since it, we've had to hear Christ through the prophets (and now through the apostles).

    I think this is the kind of interpretation of verses 1&2 that makes sense of how Hebrews continues. In the first couple of chapters Hebrews insists that it's the Son speaking in the Psalms etc, etc. But the new thing about the incarnation is the Son being His own Prophet (and Priest and King etc)

  3. Lukas

    Thank you..! I have just started up classes for my Seminary and in one of my classes we are going through Hebrews. The commentarys I was assigned seemed to have missed this point and I didnt know of any online recources that could help other than you. Thanks!

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