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Changing world – changing ministry

A video briefly existed here charting an alarming rate of decline in birth rates in the west combined with incredible Muslim birth and immigration rates. 

Apparently the statistics are absolutely unreliable.  See here.  Thanks to Daniel Blanche for pointing this out.

Sorry to spread the error. 

Anyway - it's still true to say that through immigration the unreached are reaching us.  Therefore:

Rejoice that the Lord is sending the mission field to us

Believe the gospel

Preach the gospel

Understand Islam

Take up your cross 

Have babies

Believe the gospel

Preach the gospel


0 thoughts on “Changing world – changing ministry

  1. Glen

    Hey Steve, thanks for coming by. I enjoy your blog.

    I'm not arguing with the trend. That's why I've kept up my 8 point plan!

    But I don't think we do our cause any favours when such a video attracts 10 million views to what are grossly inflated figures. I'm kicking myself for not checking them first.

    Such ploys make it too easy to dismiss us as simplistic, Islamophobic and engaged in the same kinds of subterfuge we accuse them of. We don't have to make up quotes or statistics to call the church to wake up.

  2. theoldadam


    I have folks that are English renting my home from me.

    Their father is here visiting them from England.

    I asked him how things have changed with respect to Muslims in England.

    He says that many places in London are unrecognizable to him.

    He says ALL this has happened in his lifetime.

    I know many in England who say that there is NO problem at all.

    Folks like that are likely to brush off the video as propaganda.

    It may be overstated. And maybe there are those that want to understate the problem, as well.

    If the truth lies somewhere in between...we (the whole world) are in trouble.

    Keep up the good work, my friend.

  3. timothycairns

    I do think we need to be careful to stop this sort of debate turning into racism.

    I am a little uncomfortable with comments like "many places in London are unrecognizable" and "I know many in England who say that there is NO problem at all."

    I am not saying that this necessarily applies to the correspondence above, but this is the type of thing that is put forward by the BNP. I have to say I am much more alarmed by the election of the BNP in England to the European Parliament than I am of Muslim immigration.

    The mission field is also to be found in white council estates which are espousing hate filled bile that results in the existence of the BNP.

    The mission field is also found among city bankers and their me first culture.

    The mission field is also found in middle class apathy

    The mission field is found in the church!

    I just think we need to be careful. I see hate filled Englanders as a greater problem than law abiding Muslim immigrants

  4. theoldadam

    Law abiding Muslims are not the problem. It is the radicals that control that religion.

    Why do the law abiding Muslims not protest en masse when Islamists murder in the name of Islam in Mumbai, or World Trade Centers, or Jakarta, or wherever?

    Why do they NOT?

    The religion itself is an imperialistic religion.

    Hate is not needed or wanted, but we need to recognize what is happening. Our free society is being transformed by pressures from this non-free religion.

    Look at how it treats women, and non-Muslims, and gays, and minorities in the Islamic controlled states around the world.

    If we put our heads in the sand and say and do nothing, and let then transform our societies...they will.

    It will not be pretty.

  5. theoldadam

    If you want to talk about hate, I have seen the most vile videos (from London) of Muslims spewing hatred for the English and Americans and Jews.

    It wasn't a few people either. It was very large crowds of hateful Muslims.

    There a a great many videos like this that I can produce easily at any time.

    Take a peek at some of the clips of Geert Wilders 'Fitna' film. There are no paid actors in the film. It is all straight from the mouths of Muslims themselves.

    There you will hate and the true desires of millions of Muslims, not the racist bigotry of a few Westerners.

  6. Glen

    Well let me say again - the western church has not been great at reaching the unreached. Now the unreached are reaching us.

    As it has ever been. As Lesslie Newbiggin says, Europe has always been the dumping ground for migrants from the east.

    I know about the challenges, but if we can't see the opportunities involved here then maybe we're more worried about the social/political status quo than the gospel.

  7. theoldadam

    "the western church has not been great at reaching the unreached. Now the unreached are reaching us. "

    So true.

    Migrants from the East is one thing. Radicalized Muslims hell bent on doing us in to establish another Islamic nation, is altogether another.

  8. timothycairns

    true Glen, but let in obsessing about the "muslim threat" we leave a void for the likes of the BNP to fill. The mission field has always come to us, we need to be out in every council estate preaching the gospel of Christ, love your neighbour, and that is not compatible with voting BNP

  9. Glen

    yes Tim, I was not impressed by the dramatic change of music when the narrator mentioned that dread word 'Immigration'. Any approach to this question that could be co-sponsored by the BNP has to be resisted.

  10. theoldadam

    BNP aside (I know not their politics), Muslim immigration is a threat to any country that allows it.

    Good Muslims are irrelevant Muslims.

    There were plenty of good Nazi families as well.

    They too, were irrelevant.

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