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Dan Allender – The Psychology of a Pooped Pastor

The Wounded Heart is my favourite Dan Allender resource. (see previous post).  But here's one that's $95 cheaper (i.e. free).  A talk entitled The Psychology of a Pooped Pastor

His main point is that the problem is not Pooped Pastors but Pissed Pastors.  (By the way Mum, by pissed he means angry - it's an American thing). 

It's not underlying tiredness but underlying anger that's the problem.  Very interesting!


0 thoughts on “Dan Allender – The Psychology of a Pooped Pastor

  1. codepoke

    Allender goes in the right direction, find out what you're good at and focus on that. Are you more prophet, priest or king?

    But the whole problem could be cured with a return to biblical ecclesiology. The idea of a hierarchy of accredited leadership performing all the roles of the pastorate is inefficient. In every area of human endeavor it's being shown that empowering the average worker is the path to productivity, happiness, and satisfaction. Yet in the church, we saddle a single (married, usually) man with more and more and more responsibility.

    And we wonder why more men don't get involved in church.

    If they don't have a title, why would they get involved? What's there to do?

    By Allender's definitions, there's plenty of room for lay-prophets and lay-priests, even if only a guy with a title can really do the work of kings. Open up a way for this to happen, and you'll see the church blossom.

    Of course, you'll also see a number of pastors' inner control freak go on red alert, but the same thing happened when all the middle-managers had to give real power to their peons.

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