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Steve Levy speaks

The issue is not progress of knowledge but object of faith.

Amen! Amen!

Go and enjoy this post but I dunno - maybe comment here rather than there.  Your call.  But some blogs aren't as much free-for-alls as Christ the Truth.  Both kinds of blogs have their place and it's good to respect the differences.



0 thoughts on “Steve Levy speaks

  1. Glen

    Hi Bobby,

    I'll be tired of this rant the day you're tired of Torrance, TULIP and amill hermeneutics!! ;-)

    Thanks Sammy. Haven't been over to see the discussion yet. Might do that...

  2. bobby grow


    That was my intention (to completely stop) . . . but you know me, I'm too much of an addict.

    You can find my location by clicking on my name, it's 'hot-linked' (

    Whatever do you mean, I don't rant; I pontificate ;-)! Btw, I like your rants . . . even if I don't completely agree with you. I just don't think, as inductively as one tries, that what you're trying to "prove" can be "proven."

    I would be interested in your theological exegesis of Jn 1:17:

    For the law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.

    Or even of your thoughts on the 'progressive' relationship between the Old Cov./New Cov.; even if one follows your 'resumptive' hermeneutic, there is still an chronological unfolding relative to the 'type/anti-type'. If, under the OC, the OT saints knew Christ in the exact same ways that we now know Him (per His first advent), then what was the purpose of their sacrificing animals (other than obedience)? I mean, to me, this certainly implies an 'progression' in their knowledge of 'who' Christ ('the mysterion') is. Not that they were worshipping a 'different God' in the OT/OC, but that they didn't have the clarity 'we do' per His first advent.

    Were the OT saints trinitarians? I think so, implicitly. But, I think, more in the sense that a 'new-born baby' knows and loves her parents (the baby as it matures has a greater more nuanced 'knowledge' of her parents as she matures and grows --- not that her parents 'change' or are different, but that her knowledge of them grows per the unfolding of her life).

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