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5 thoughts on “He giveth more grace

  1. eclexia

    Beautiful. I love that song, and it helped me tonight, to hear it again.

    Also, seeing it on video reminded me of one of the things that keeps me going to church, even when I struggle the most with going--it's singing songs of affirmation and testimony and trust, such as this, and looking around, and seeing person after person singing it together, and recognizing that each of those people has a backstory behind the the thing they are affirming or believing or proclaiming in that story.

    I feel it in my church, where I know many of the painful backstories. But I feel it even watching this video, seeing person after person listening and resonating with the song, corporately, but also privately. They each have a testimony and a story, experiences of God's unlimited grace, which lets them sing the song so confidently.

    It makes me marvel again, each time I notice it, at what it means to be the body of Christ. I am strengthened in my faith by realizing that this person or that has suffered or is suffering something so very difficult and yet can continue to say, "He giveth more grace."

    For me right now, still trying to recover from severe burnout, I especially appreciate the reminder that his grace is not limited by my reaching the end of my hoarded resources. Thanks for sharing this video.

  2. Pete Deaves

    Wow - sing it brother! All the while we are pouring energy into those "hoarded resources" we so often fall back on to get though the day, relying on our own strength and "store of endurance," we'll only ever experience a fraction of what Jesus wants to give.
    Who would ever sign up for added affliction, multiplied trials, burdens growing greater, increased labours - not me! However, it is surely when we get to the end of our own resources and finally see that the only Way forward is in Jesus - that's when we start to truly live, and are able to receive from God's riches.
    A healthy perspective on problems/burdens which I will be reflecting on whenever I feel overwhelmed - thanks Glen.

  3. Glen

    Thanks all - pretty amazing huh?

    Dan - if that's Holy Trinity Leicester, I'm there. I assume you're the soloist?

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