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OT law seminar

The history of redemption according to Galatians 3:


OT law 1



OT law 2

Dave reminded me of this talk on OT law.  These diagrams may help explain it a bit.

And here's the tabernacle:


And remember:

When there is a change in the priesthood, there must also be a change of the law.  (Heb 7:12)


0 thoughts on “OT law seminar

  1. Gav

    Just the other day I was telling another christian at work, which makes two of us I think, something about what I had read in OT. He told me that its old news and its all in the NT. Fresh out of my online blog training at two VERY repurtable sites I launched into the reasoning as why that view could be reviewed (I think I need more training)

    ...anyway today, a week or two later, I was reading this post eating lunch when he walked into my office. I showed him the diagrams, which pricked his ears and started a much better conversation. I ended up pointing him to your stuff on Christ in OT and started reading it again my self (re-training).

    So the point is that I think this post today was VERY useful. Thanks Glen

  2. Rich Owen


    Glen, could i use the tabernacle one for some seminars I'm doing at church on the ascension please?

    It would spare me (and everyone else) the pain of having to draw one - Rolf Harris stylee. Can you till what it is yit? (I'll leave the Aussie accent to you)


  3. Marc Lloyd

    Well, yes, okay, maybe. You mean Mosaic Law not OT law, strictly speaking? Is not the law crucified and risen with Christ, transformed and renewed, fulfilled not abolished? Can we have a diagram for that?

  4. Glen

    I meant 'law' in the sense given in Galatians 3 (which is what the diagram is representing) - but yes that's from Moses to the Seed. And then we are no longer under its supervision. I think you'd agree it's a fair depiction of Galatians 3?

    I might do something soon on the law in 1 Corinthians though.

  5. Marc Lloyd

    Yes, so Mosaic adminstration of the Torah. Certainly it is no longer our guardian etc. We are brought to maturity in Christ. But that doesn't mean the law is done away with or at an end in every sense or irrelevant to us. It remains God's Word, his loving counsel to his people in their infancy. We in our maturity still learn from it. It remains normative for us, but not as it was for a Mosaic believer.

  6. Glen

    I'd be more comfortable saying 'Mosaic administration of the *covenant*'. That's the underlying, ongoing divine-human dynamic.

    And yes it is still the perfect and authoritative Word of God. And we will learn loads from it - first about Christ, the Righteous One, Cursed One and Lamb proclaimed therein. And we will learn what life looks like in Him in Whom the law stands fulfilled.

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