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Why you don't read your bible

Dan Hames tells us why here

He covers:

'You don't have time',

'You think the bible's all about you,' and

'You think your bible reading is for God's benefit.'


In this context the Bible is given to us as a gift to feast on, rather than a project to complete before judgment day.  We will find we go to it to savour and enjoy, and when we miss a day we might feel hunger pangs, but we could never feel guilt, fear, or condemnation.  In the same way that skipping breakfast is more of a missed opportunity than a morally dubious choice; not going to the scriptures for nourishment is not a matter of calling down the anger of God, but of omitting to take advantage of his good gifts to his children.



0 thoughts on “Why you don't read your bible

  1. glenscriv

    Hi Howard,
    I liked that this was an article that didn't aim for the guilt trip. If you've skipped bible it's like skipping breakfast - foolish. Go back and feast.
    Hope you're doing well. One month on...


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