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Mike Reeves interviews Ron Frost

Ron Frost fans (this blog has quite a few), meet Mike Reeves. 

Mike Reeves fans (this blog has many), meet Ron Frost.

Here two of my favourite living theologians discuss one of my favourite dead ones - Richard Sibbes. 




0 thoughts on “Mike Reeves interviews Ron Frost

  1. Bobby Grow


    Thank you for pointing this interview out, this is "classic" Frostian ;-) interaction and communication.

    I'm saddened you haven't received more feedback, via comments, on this interview.

    If you haven't listened to this yet, then you need to (I say to all of Glen's readers)!!!

    Btw, I've pointed my readers to this as well . . . so thanks for the link, Glen!

  2. Pete Deaves

    Great talk, Glen - well worth a listen. Maybe people are put off by the talk being just over an hour long... But as one speaker says, we make time for what we treasure.

    Go on folks, set aside an hour, and see what God might be saying to you. I'm looking forward to enjoying the simple, refreshing, relational and life-changing approach to God's Word which is set out. 64 minutes? It's a small investment...
    What are you waiting for?

  3. Will

    Don't worry folks this is definitely a priority!

    I like how WordPress has made link with the recent film "Frost and Nixon" above. Wouldn't it be great if Hollywood made a big budget film of Ron and Mike yapping together too?

    Glen, any developments on whether you're likely to be preaching at Eastbourne on June 21?

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